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It is really very important to have knowledge regarding router. Therefore, a short introduction about the same is good way to start with. In general, router us just a simple networking device. Moreover, it also helps in traffic directing. Thereafter, the sending of data with the help of Internet takes the form of data packets. In most cases, the routers which are used include home and small office routers.

However, it is equally important to learn about IP. Therefore, let’s now move on to IP address. The full form of the same is internet protocol address. Generally, the devices that are connected with  the internet constitute of an IP address. Commonly, the IP address of many routers is Furthermore, this is just a private IPV4 address.

What is IP Address?

Let us now understand about Basically, this is a private address. Moving ahead, we can use it either on an individual machine or on a local network. Also, even or are called as the IP addresses. Generally, it helps to connect the end user with the network.

Features of IP Address

Since we have learnt so many things about the IP address, then we should also look at its features.

  • At first, the users can use the same IP address. However, it should not be from the same network. As a result, it can stated as an advantage.
  • Furthermore, there is no need to have access to a separate DHCP server. But, this is of use only when you use default IP address.
  • Not only this, but also the flow of the information becomes smooth and easier. This happens when you use the IP address.

How to Login IP Address?

Though we’ve understood everything possible about There is still a need to understand the login features of the same. To do this, we need to follow the steps.

Step 1. To start with, open the browser and type

Step 2. Thereafter, you will be able to find the admin page. Next, in the login panel, type your username and password.

Step 3. At last, you can get the username and password from the standard list.

With this, you can change the DNS, routing as well as IP allocation.

How to Find Router’s IP Address

If you are still facing the problems while accessing admin Login page, then comment below.

However, if you are unable to find your router’s IP address, then don’t be tensed. In most cases, there exists a default IP address for each router. Or else, you can get the same in manufacturer’s documentation.

On the other hand, if you don’t know the IP address, then you’ve to check the settings of the router.

  • For Linksys router, you will get the IP address in setup>basic setup window.
  • For Netgear router, the gateway exists in maintenance> router setup page.

Moving ahead, latest now considered some famous brands and their IP addresses.

Besides this, there are a number of methods to find the IP address. Also, it is possible to change the IP address.

However, if you face any sort of problem to login, then there might be a possibility that this is not the gateway. Therefore, it becomes necessary to follow the steps.

Step 1. Starting by opening the command box by pressing window key + R. Followed by entering cmd in the run box.

Step 2. Thereafter, type ipconfig in the window and type enter.

Step 3. Ultimately, you see your ipv4 address, DNS and gateway.

How to Change the Router’s IP Address?

Sometimes you might be willing to change your router’s IP address. Generally, you need to have a good hold in maths for this. This is because the IP address constitutes of both the numbers as well as maths. I am sure there rises a question in your mind regarding who sets the IP address. The answer to your question is manufacturer of the factory. But still, you can change it.

This is possible with the help of the administrative console of the network router. On the other hand, you have to prevent the situation of address conflict. You must be wondering what address conflict is. address conflict occurs in a situation when there is other devices connected to your network. Meanwhile, you can definitely prevent this duplication by changing the IP address.

While, there is one important aspect to keep in notice. It is, that no device is connected to the same network.

How to Change the IP Password

Although when you get the router, you also get the password attached to that. But sometimes you are willing to change the password.

Before proceeding further, let’s look at some of the popular brands and the password.

BrandIP addressUsernamePassword

Furthermore, due to technical changes, a hidden button is attached to the new kinds of routers.  This button helps to reset the properties.  Thereafter, you have to press it for almost 10-15 seconds. This will facilitate the resetting of your device to factory settings.

However, it is really very necessary to change the default credentials. This is done to prevent any other user from using it.


On that note, this is all about Thank you for reading. Hope it helped you.

Uncategorized – Router Admin Login, Username and Password Settings

Internet has become the bone marrow of today’s era. All the developments taking place today have been possible just because of it. For setting up and utilizing an internet connection to its full extent, two most important requirements are a router and an IP Address. Let us discuss these below.

A router is a directing device which diverts the packets of data to be transferred from one system to another within in a network to the right path so that they reach their final destination node within no time. An IP Address on the other end is a unique identity assigned to each of the router devices in the form of a 32 bits number divided into octets. One such known IP Address is It is and address used for private networks and can be accessed through a lot of devices like webcams, DVRs etc.

How to Login to IP Address?

Want to learn the process of how to login to router IP? Given below is the simple step by step procedure to access the admin panel of this router IP Address:

Step 1 – At first open your web browser and type in address into the address bar.

Step 2 – Next, tap the enter key from your keyboard.

Step 3 – Here a new small window will pop up at the top asking you out for your login ID i.e. the username and password.

Step 4 – In the login panel type in your username and password of your router and hit the ’ok’ button.

Step 5 – In case, the credentials of your router have been changed before, you need to enter the updated ones in the login panel.

Step 6 – By here a new tab will be visible, giving you administrative access to your router’s interface.

How to Find Router’s IP Address

Before being able to access the router panel, one must be aware of the IP Address of their router which can be found by the following steps:

Step 1 – Clicking the command prompt.

Step 2 – Then pressing the window icon and typing key R .

Step 3 – Enter cmd in the run box.

Step 4 – There enter ‘ipconfig’ and press enter.

Step 5 – You will be made available the IP Address of your router.

How to Change Router’s IP Address

At some point of time, if required you can even change the IP Address of your router. It can be done by:

Step 1 – Open the web browser and type in your IP Address.

Step 2 – Then fill in the username and password and click log in.

Step 3 – Now from setup option> network settings and type in your newly changed IP Address and subnet mask.

Step 4 – Save the settings. Your IP Address will be successfully changed.


Therefore, the above context has very briefly and clearly told us everything important we need to know about a router and the process of logging in it. Along with the basic knowledge of an IP Address, how to find it, how to change it and much more Thus the above context is enough for a user to know about router IP Address.

Uncategorized – Router Admin Login, Username and Password Settings

In this decade of digitalization, every minute task that we have to perform in some or the other way depends on internet. The internet has become a very vital part of our daily routines. But to access the benefits of an internet connection, there are two important conditions – a router and IP Address. Do not know what these are? Just read below.

A router is a path reflecting device used in setting up a network. It provides way to the data files to be transferred to reach their final destination without any complications. Every router is assigned an IP Address. It is a unique and distinct numbered identity provided to each of the router devices to give them a unique identification and locating their address. One such IP Address is router IP. It is an address used in setting up a private network. To gain its benefits one needs to first log in to this router IP.

How to Login into IP Address

Don’t know the procedure of accessing the admin panel of router IP? Never mind. Let us discuss it in the following simple steps:

Step 1 – First of all open your local internet browser whichever you use on your system.

Step 2 – You will get the default gateway login page here at this step.

Step 3 – Then enter your login username and password. Usually for Apple or D-Link routers, the default username is admin and the password is nil.

Step 4 – Till now you will be able to see the admin portal. Just be safe while making any sort of alterations in the default router settings.

How to Find Router’s IP Address

Other than the above process, one must important aspect is knowledge of the IP Address of our router. It can be found out by :

Step 1 – Tap the command prompt.

Step 2 – After that click the window icon and type in key R.

Step 3- Enter cmd in the run box.

Step 4- There after you must type in ‘ipconfig’ and lastly press enter.

Step 5 – You will be shown the IP Address of your router.

How to Change A Router’s IP Address

Besides in some circumstances you can even change the IP Address of your router. For that you need to:

Step 1 – Open the web browser and type in your router’s IP Address.

Step 2 – Then provide your username and password and click on log in.

Step 3 – Next from setup option go to network settings and give in your newly changed IP Address and subnet mask

Step 4 – Save the settings before closing the browser. Your IP Address will be changed successfully.

Hence, the above article has made us very clear about what an IP Address and a router is, how to access each of these. What is router IP, how can it be logged in, how can a user log in to his/her router, how can he/she change the IP Address of their respective routers along with the process to find it. Thus a thorough reading of the above context is sufficient for a new user to learn everything about router IP and all its related aspects.