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Firstly, we need to know the meaning of the router. A router is any virtual or physical appliance that helps in transfer of the information between computer networks. Router calculate the best way for information to reach its final destination. In short, we can say that router facilitates the flow of data and acts as the gateway where two or more networks meet. Basically, a router must be connected to a modem. Let’s know what is a modem? A modem is a device that provides access to the internet.

A router can be used to connect multiple devices. A router are typically hardware devices, but software-based routers are also available. Wired and wireless routers help computers and other network devices to access the internet.  The most common type of routers are home and small office routers. Linksys, 3com, D-Link are the most common routers manufactured by the companies. Easy and faster transfer of files can be done by the medium of router. Additionally, the user can also save his time and money as the high-speed routers are available at reasonable prices.  Every router has its own unique username and password. After a successful login the user can continue with login details and other settings.

IP stands for internet protocol. In simple words we can say that an IP address is a digital media transport system that runs over standard IP networks. Additionally, it acts as an identifier for a computer. IP address is important for the survival of any network. In order to avoid duplication each computer network has an unique IP address. IP address allows a device to communicate with others devices over an IP network.

What is

The  is the private IP address used by certain networking devices that are available on the local area network. Basically, it is a default gateway used by home routers, Linksys broadband routers, other brands of network routers. is used as default IP address for various home broadband routers. The IP address is used on individual systems or on a local area network for various tasks.

The user may encounter various problems while using the router. One of the mistakes that most of the users make is typing a wrong IP address in the URL field. The user may type the following IP address by mistake due to which he / she can be restricted to access the router’s administrative panel   There are various other IP addresses:

  1. 168.0.1
  2. 19216801
  3. 168.o.1
  4. 168.01

Here we are discussing about router IP which is commonly used as the default IP address by Linksys and netgear  router. We can check the internet speed, administrator functionsand certain security settings.

Features of Default IP Address

There are some features of default IP address which the user will look for :

  • After the successful access to user have different options like wifi network changes, protocol chnages etc. it helps in securing your wifi netwok and saves it from access of third person.
  • The flow of information becomes faster and easier. Sending the data or processing of the traffic to various destinations can done via the default gateways.

No DHCP servers are required to complete all the tasks on the device.

How to Login in Administration Panel?

Step 1 >> Firstly user should open  web browser. Now type in the address bar

Step 2 >> user can see  the admin page of his  router. Now type your username and password in the login panel which appears on your screen.

Step 3 >> Now the useranme and password can checked and reset [ if required ]

Finally you can make changes to the router. Examples of such settings are  Routing, DNS, and IP allocation.

This type of window will appear, after which the user can change username and password.

How to Find Router’s IP Address?

Every home router have a preset IP address. various models from  the same manufacturer may have the same IP address. The user can check the number from the router settings if he/she is not aware of it.

For Example: If the you have linksys router, then you can find the IP address by following steps:

Step 1 >> Firstly click on ‘setup’

Step 2 >> Now the ‘ basic setup’ window appears

If the user have netgear router, then user can find the IP address by the following steps:

Step 1 >> First click on’ maintenance’ from start menu

Step 2 >> Now the router setup page would appear


  • Netgears and D- link are commonly use as their default IP address.
  • Linksys routers have as their default IP address.
  • Cisco routers use, or as their default IP address.

In case the user is not able to do  login then, it is possible that it is not the gateway of your computer. Once you type  in your browser, and it doesn’t work then the user can  follow the given steps to find right gateway:

Step 1 >> Firstly, open the ‘ command prompt’

Step 2 >> Then press the ‘windows icon key R’

Step 3 >> Enter cmd in the run box of your system

Step 4 >> Now type “ipconfig” In the command window, and now press enter.

Finally the user would be able to check the local IP address and complete  login successfully.

How to Change Your Router’s IP Address?

In order to change the router IP address the user should check the instructions for the router. The IP address comprise lots of maths and include lots of numbers. The user should follow the given steps to change the router IP address:

Step 1 >> The user will type the router IP address in the browser window.

Step 2 >> Change the IP address on the LAN settings.

Step 3 >> Go in DHCP settings and now type your new IP address .

In some cases there are chances that one or more metworks may have the same IP address. This may give rise to address conflicts so in such cases the user can change the IPaddress. The IP address of a device can be changed to a comparable IPv4 address.  Now only one device works on IP address. Finally conflicts over the same IP address can be avoided.


This was all about the  login and steps to change the default username and password to avoid duplication. The user would be able to resolve the problem by following the above given steps.

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