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All of us have heard the word ‘router’ quite frequently. Some of us may know as well what it is. However, we might not know what exactly router is. Therefore, let’s have a brief introduction about the router.

Basically, router is a networking device. Further, it forwards the data packets between their networks of the computer. Not only this, but the routers also perform the function related to traffic directing. IP Login

Now, moving further, the term ‘IP Address’ is something which anyone and everyone has heard of. But, there are few of them who may actually understand it.

Firstly, let’s understand the full form of IP address. It is Internet Protocol address. Mostly, the IP address by default is This is a private ipv4 router.

This is all about the introduction of IP and router.

What is IP Address?

To start with, the number is an address which is private. Moreover, for performing some tasks, this IP address is used either on an individual machine or a local network. Furthermore, it is often called as the IP address by Netgear and D-link router by default.

Besides, or are also considered to be the IP addresses. Therefore, by using this IP addresses, one can connect to the network router.

You must be eager to know about the Features of IP address. Let’s read further to know more about the same.

  • Firstly, the users can use the same IP address, but not the same network. Therefore, various networks can also use it, thereby, making at the biggest advantage.
  • Secondly, one does not need to have separate DHCP servers. Therefore, one can easily complete all the tasks without any additional stitches.
  • Moreover, the flow of information is smooth and easier. It also sends the information and data to various places.

How to Login to IP Address?

For getting the solution, one has to follow all the steps given below:

Step 1. Initially, open the browser and type

Step 2. Afterwards, you will find the admin page. Now, in the login panel, you’ve to type your username and password.

Step 3. Finally, one can check the username and password from the standard list.

Afterwards, one has to access to the router. Therefore, one can make changes both at the basic and advanced level.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to find the router’s IP address. Want to know how to overcome the situation? For that follow what’s written below.

Usually, for every router, the default IP address is the one. Further, one can find it in manufacturer’s documentation. In case if one is not aware of the IP address, then one has to check router settings.

For Linksys router, one can find the IP address in setup>basic setup window.

For Netgear router, the gateway is in maintenance> router setup page.

How to Find Router’s IP Address?

Furthermore, there is a list of the default IP addresses of some of the modems/ routers.

Although, there are many ways to find the IP address of the router. However, one can also change the IP address if he wishes to do so.

But, in case you are not able to login, then probably, this is not the gateway. If you try hard to enter, but still things go in vain, then it is recommended to follow the steps.

Step 1. To start with, open the command box by pressing window key + R. Then, enter cmd in the run box.

Step 2. Further, type ipconfig in the window and hit enter.

Step 3. Finally, a ray of smile will be there on your face. This is because, you will be able to see your ipv4 address, DNS and gateway.

By doing this, you can successfully login.

How to Change Your Router IP Address

To all the maths lovers right there! Here is the opportunity to showcase your talent. Wondering why? Because the IP address does not revolve only around numbers, but also maths. Do you know who sets the IP address? It is the manufacturer of the factory. But one can change it. This change is made with the help of administrative console of the network router. But sometimes, there occurs the circumstance, where there is some other device on your network also possesses the same address. Therefore in such a situation, address conflict can occur. In such circumstances, one has to prevent such kind of address conflict and duplicates by changing the IP address.

However at the same time, one has to keep in mind that only one device works with the IP address.

To continue with, are you also one of those who forget the password? Don’t get panicked! Thinking why shouldn’t you? Because you can reset both your password as well as the username!

Usually every router comes with its own username and password by default. Some are mentioned below.

IP Default Router Username and Password List

Further, with technological upgradations, the modern modems have a hidden button. This button facilitates the reset property. Therefore, one has to press this button for 10-15 seconds. With this, you can reset the device to factory settings.

On the other hand, one must always change the default credentials. This is because the default login should not be allowed to be used by other people.

So this was all about the IP addresses and the router is associated with it. All the problems that are attached with this have a solution. The solutions are mentioned above. Therefore, by following the above mentioned steps, one will be able to overcome this resistance.

Thank you for reading. Hope it helped you.

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